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vanity thoughts
had such a fangirl moment when i saw this. 

my little brother is hissing in the bathroom…..

A day in the life of Mal

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my next tattoo is gonna be matching gold triforces with my twin brother.

if i get 25 likes on this, i’ll post my tattoo

my way of seeing if the people that follow me actually pay attention to me

my brother has a zelda shirt that i have every intention of stealing.

guise guise, i got a tattoo!

this is why i will forever love my friend andrew<3

I called my friend a “young padawan” today and she didn’t know what that meant, which in turn, made my heart sad. 


I’m disgusted at how an anon can go and call someone fat. I personally don’t mind being called fat because I know I’m not. But someone else does mind. Someone at this very moment is probably crash dieting or throwing up their last meal. Most of the time it’s because someone has called them fat, even jokingly, it’s not cool. You don’t know what kind of psychological damage you can do to a person when you call them something negative like “fat” or “budgey”. It’s just not cool. Why can’t people just appreciate different body shapes? What’s so fucking wrong about having love handles? Why do people insist on calling them “disgusting” or “nasty”. Like they’re not going to randomly bite you or steal your food. I hate when people say “omg you have love handles”. Bitch, you think i haven’t noticed yet? It IS my body, don’t you think I would have discovered them a bit before you did?